Aqueducts and Containment

JMJ Eurobuilding, S.A.

JMJ, through the use of pumps, chlorinators, channels and tanks, makes it possible for drinking water to reach all parts of Panama.


The aqueduct (from the Latin, aquaeductus, which transports water) is a system or set of irrigation systems that allows water to be transported in a continuous flow from a place where it is accessible in nature to a distant point of consumption, generally a city or town.

Rio Indio Aqueduct

Gobea River Aqueduct


Gabion Walls and Reno Mattresses in coastal areas: Accelerated water erosion is considered extremely damaging to soils, because due to this phenomenon, large areas of fertile soil are lost; since the solid material that is released in the middle and upper parts of the basin causes the flushing of the hydraulic, electrical, agricultural and communications infrastructure that exists in the lower part.

Gabion Wall by José Pobre

Gobea Gabion Wall

Big Island Gabion Wall

JMJ already has a Branch in the Dominican Republic, where it carries out Projects for Private companies of Study, Design and Construction of different works.


JMJ Eurobuilding, S.A.

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