Architecture and Engineering

JMJ Eurobuilding, S.A.

JMJ places at the service of the Client, and as an essential basis of its philosophy, Architecture and Engineering.

Architecture and Engineering.

At JMJ we not only carry out ARCHITECTURAL PROJECTS, but we also execute them. It is for this reason that we surround ourselves with the best professionals in the sector to make any proposal viable.

The size of the work is not decisive, since we are used to dealing with different specialties in order to maximize the available resources.

It is very necessary to merge the design and the construction process with the necessary knowledge that an architecture studio like ours provides so that the result in the execution of the work is optimal and less expensive than in other circumstances. We also try to collate different budgets in order to always provide the most appropriate proposal for each case. We look for materials, professionals and solutions through design that help us to carry out any type of idea efficiently.

We have extensive experience in design, budget management and execution of work; Our mission is that the client does not have to worry about this process at any time, since we offer a “turnkey“.

Engineering Service

It includes the following five divisions:

Installations Engineering

In buildings, air conditioning, electricity, protection, lighting, centralized control, plumbing, sanitation, networks.

District Heating & Cooling

District Heating & Cooling plant facilities. “Smart City” projects in large cities.

Renewable energy

Projects in Panama. Internationalization in Spain and the Dominican Republic.

Energy Efficiency (EE) and Audits

Studies and projects for new energy service companies and new needs in the energy management of housing.


Photovoltaic energies for own use.

JMJ already has a Branch in the Dominican Republic, where it carries out Projects for Private companies of Study, Design and Construction of different works.


JMJ Eurobuilding, S.A.

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