Control and Surveillance of Works

JMJ Eurobuilding, S.A.

JMJ, has developed from its origins an incessant activity in the field of Quality Control and Technical Assistance.

These activities are carried out fundamentally within the CONSTRUCTION field by means of units permanently installed on site. JMJ has a fully equipped team, both human and technical, of quality control to carry out the precise inspections for surveillance and control of the correct execution of the works.

The assistance and control of the works are carried out in each of the phases of the work, contrasting the quality levels both from a qualitative and quantitative point of view, which allows a quick reaction and facilitates the correction of deviations with respect to what is marked in the project to be executed.

In all cases, we have the specialized support of the Central Technical Services and the highly qualified JMJ Staff, who complement the displaced teams on site in those aspects that, due to their high degree of specialization, cannot be addressed solely in local.

The functions that JMJ performs in its Technical Assistance Units on site are the following:

  • Technical assistance
  • Infrastructure Construction
  • Conservation and exploitation of infrastructures
  • On-site Quality Control of Workssistencias

JMJ already has a Branch in the Dominican Republic, where it carries out Projects for Private companies of Study, Design and Construction of different works.


JMJ Eurobuilding, S.A.

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