Restoration and
Rehabilitation (I)

JMJ Eurobuilding, S.A.

Among the many services that JMJ offers to its Clients, due to its tradition, quality and innovation, the execution of all kinds of works related to Construction, Geotechnics and Environmental Engineering stand out.


The specialization of our staff, supported by the multidisciplinary capabilities of the company, allow us to work under a perfect balance between the utmost respect for the most traditional techniques and the convenient technological modernization of the systems.

We are always in constant communication with Historical Heritage, which allows us to always be connected with the authorities of each country: 

Movable property | Environments | Civil Structures


The rehabilitation of environments, buildings and infrastructures, as a consequence of a necessary adaptation, recovery or functional improvement, requires the work of specialist companies, capable of analyzing and understanding their constructive and structural reality.

At JMJ, we carry out this activity in parallel with the restoration of real estate, using our extensive experience and qualification in both fields to address the functional rehabilitation of real estate, and the associated restorations of its assets of cultural interest.

Buildings | Social Structures | Environments

Restoration of the San Juan Bautista Church in Aguadulce

Our Cultural Heritage, being the strongest of the links with history, represents a faithful reflection of the necessary unique identity of a community, revealing itself as a fundamental legacy of our ancestors. Today we are more aware than ever of the need to preserve its intangible value, being essential to work for its conservation as an inheritance for our children.

On another level, the environmental, cultural, social and economic benefit that the continuous maintenance of its built real estate park and its infrastructures represents for a society, opens up a wide range of needs that must be addressed from specialized technical knowledge and individual training. contrasted. 

JMJ makes a multidisciplinary and specialized team of technicians and professionals available to its clients, capable of responding to these needs. Either through advice and assistance, or through the direct execution of consolidation, restitution, rehabilitation and maintenance work, JMJ makes self-demand its main business policy, valuing the satisfaction of our clients as the highest recognition.

Clock Restoration

Lateral Facade Restoration

Stair and Railing Restoration

JMJ already has a Branch in the Dominican Republic, where it carries out Projects for Private companies of Study, Design and Construction of different works.


JMJ Eurobuilding, S.A.

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